My name is Nayla Kahwaji, and I’m a holistic herbalist, permaculturist, breathworker (utilizing the rebirthing technique), and Reiki practitioner.

In pursuit of a more meaningful life, I made the decision in 2016 to depart from my corporate job in events and digital media, choosing instead to return to the land. I initially delved into permaculture, exploring eco-building and organic farming. My journey then led me to herbalism after a serendipitous encounter with an inspiring old indigenous woman who introduced me to the world of herbs and shared invaluable ancestral knowledge on foraging healing plants.

Transitioning from a corporate job to embracing holistic practices rooted in nature brought me a deep sense of fulfillment and connection. Through my work with the earth and plants, I have experienced profound healing and gained a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between nature and humanity, as well as the overlap between the medical and spiritual realms. I believe these forces are all intertwined, and it is only by harnessing their combined power that we can achieve truly profound healing.

My goal is to learn from ancestral wisdom and integrate it with modern practices. I aim to offer a comprehensive approach to healing that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions by combining the energies and wisdom of plants with the holistic aspects of individuals to promote profound and transformative healing experiences.

The herbs are planted and tended with love by the family under permaculture ethics

Each Medicine Offering is carefully crafted in harmony with the Moon and Sun cycles!